By Milton Dick MP

20 April 2020

As I reflect on another amazing month in our community, I have been honoured to attend and
participate in a variety of events.

On March 7 th I attended the opening of the new Lions BBQ Shelter in Forest Lake Lions Park. It wasfantastic to see this great community group be able to provide another service that brings peopletogether in the great suburb of Forest Lake.

To celebrate International Women’s Day I spoke at the Vietnamese Women’s Association
Queensland where we commemorated the Trung sisters, heroines of Vietnamese Freedom. We had
the opportunity to reflect of strong women who have made a way for society through their social,
economic, cultural and political achievements.

I have proudly worked with the Vietnamese Community for years now and am passionate about
standing up for all Vietnamese people, which is why I have the Vietnamese Freedom Flag flying
proud in both my office here locally, but also more important in my Parliament House office in
Canberra. It makes me incredible proud to represent such a diverse and multi-cultural electorate.

As I write this, our nation faces a health emergency, the well-being and safety of our community
continues to be a high priority to us following the impact of COVID-19. Federal, State and Local
Members will meet to ensure local families and our businesses are supported through this time.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact my office on 3879 6440
or email at