Investing in a Future Made in Australia

Investing in a Future Made in Australia Main Image

The Albanese Labor Government is building an economy that will position our people to benefit from the opportunities of the decades ahead.

The $22.7 billion plan for a Future Made in Australia will help make us an indispensable part of the global economy, helping us to attract investment, make our country a renewable energy superpower, value add to our resources and increasing economic security, backing Australian ideas innovation and science
and investing in our people and places.

These policies complement the Government’s broader growth agenda, including our competition reforms, investments in infrastructure, housing, human capital and defence industry, and support for small businesses.

Attracting and Enabling Investment

Australia presents an excellent investment opportunity, and we are ensuring that Australians reap the benefits of these investments.

Our vision for A Future Made in Australia focuses on generating new jobs and opportunities throughout the nation.

To foster a more diversified and resilient economy, we are simplifying processes in environmental, planning, cultural heritage, and foreign investment approvals.


Making Australia a Renewable Energy Superpower

Australia has what the world needs as we move towards Net Zero by 2050. 

With our abundant energy, resources, research capabilities, and skilled workforce, we are equipped to engage in the most significant economic transformation since the Industrial Revolution.

This is the reason we are increasing our investments in sustainable resources such as green hydrogen and vital minerals, and also supporting the survey of our geological capabilities.

Moreover, we are backing Australian innovators and manufacturers in developing advanced solar cells, lithium batteries, and quantum computers.


Expanding Tertiary Education

Education beyond high school, whether at a university or TAFE, should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.

Our commitment involves an allocation of $350 million to provide fee-free courses that prepare students for university. Additionally, students pursuing essential fields such as nursing, midwifery, teaching, or social work will benefit from practical placement payments.

Changes to the HELP loan system are also underway, making it more affordable and forgiving $3 billion in student debt. These initiatives are set to significantly benefit Australian students and the nation overall.


Empowering Small Business

Small businesses are vital to our economy, constituting 90% of all Australian businesses.

To support their growth and sustainability, we are extending the $20,000 instant asset write-off until June 30, 2025, enhancing cash flow for up to 4 million small enterprises.

Furthermore, substantial investments are being made to assist farmers and rural communities in adapting to evolving climate conditions and increasingly extreme weather.


Boosting our Defence Industry

Australia's expanding defence industry is crucial for both creating jobs and ensuring national security.

Over the next decade, we will invest an additional $50.3 billion to support the 2024 National Defence Strategy, addressing the strategic needs of Australia.

Our highly skilled and trained workforce, both in and out of uniform, are the best in the world. We’re backing them to keep Australia secure.