About Oxley

The Division of Oxley is a vibrant and diverse federal electoral district located in the south-west parts of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Named after the early explorer and surveyor John Oxley, the division encompasses a mix of suburban and industrial areas, providing a snapshot of Australian urban life.

Oxley is situated on the border of Brisbane and Ipswich city councils in the southwest region of greater Brisbane. The area stretches along the Ipswich Motorway, reaching from Darra to Redbank. Notable for its rich community spirit and active local economy, it encompasses the entire state electorate of Inala, along with the developments of Forest Lake and Springfield. On the northern part of the electorate sits the Centenary Suburbs, which include Middle Park, Mount Ommaney, Jindalee, and Sinnamon Park. The total area covered is 159 square km.

The electorate is known for its multicultural population, featuring a blend of various cultures and backgrounds that contribute to its dynamic social fabric.

Traditionally, Oxley encompassed the regional city of Ipswich, but over time, Ipswich has transitioned from a regional area to become more integrated with greater Brisbane. In 1998, a portion of Ipswich was incorporated into the newly established electoral district of Blair, with the remaining sections of the city being included in subsequent redistributions.

More information: https://www.aec.gov.au/profiles/qld/oxley.htm 

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