Abbott - Turnbull - Morrison Government Not Interested in Oxley

07 March 2019

With potentially less than 10 weeks until the Federal Election there has been no sight, no commitment and no support for the Oxley electorate from a Liberal, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation or indeed a Palmer United Australia candidate.

This clear sign of neglect from the other parties show that there is little to no interest in providing the investment and services the region needs.

Federal Member for Oxley Milton Dick MP said he was not going to be distracted by the other parties taking Oxley for granted.

“It’s no secret that the LNP and other parties are not interested in our community “said Mr Dick.

“Since being elected almost 3 years ago I’ve been working hard every day to ensure that local residents have their concerns heard and they have a voice in Canberra.

“As a long term local resident of our community, I know I have to work hard to earn people’s trust and I’m going to keep doing that every single day.

“Local residents tell me every single week that they are sick of the cuts and chaos by the Morrison Government.

“They want a government that puts people first and gives everyone a fair go.

“This means that our local schools receive the funding they deserve, that we invest in our hospitals so that everyone has accessible and affordable healthcare, and we plan for the future.

“That’s why in the lead up to this year’s Federal Election I’m proud to commit to properly funding our local schools and deliver the resources that are so desperately needed.

Over the next 3 years the extra funding for schools in the Greater Springfield and Ipswich region will include:

  • Woodcrest State College $1.9million
  • Kruger State School $1.15million
  • Springfield Lakes State School $1.09 million
  • Goodna State School $850,000
  • Augusta State School $830,000
  • Camira State School $690,000
  • Collingwood Park State School $580,000
  • Goodna Special School $480,000
  • Bellbird Park State Secondary College $270,000
  • Carole Park State School $250,000
  • Redbank State School $250,000

“This funding will ensure that our local public schools get the funding they need to give students more individual attention, and more help with the basics such as reading, writing, maths, and science.

“I’m also proud to be a part of the Labor team who will invest more in every single public hospital in the country – with an extra $2.8 billion in funding for more beds and shorter surgery wait times.

“This funding will fully reverse the Morrison Government cuts, including the $4.53 million dollar cut to the Ipswich hospital.

“This critical funding will mean more beds in emergency departments and wards, more doctors, more nurses and more health staff.

“We will also introduce the Tradie Pay Guarantee to ensure subcontractors in the construction industry are paid for the work they do.

“This will require large Commonwealth construction projects to establish a specially structured account – using a cascading statutory trust - that ensures all businesses down the supply chain get paid on time.

“Further, we will create a $7 million Tradie Litigation Fund for subbies to access justice and see regulators take dodgy bosses to court and win.

Only a Shorten Labor Government will protect the livelihoods of small businesses, workers and subcontractors who fall victim to dodgy building bosses and ensure perpetrators face their day in court.