4BC Drive with Scott Emerson - 19 October 2021

SUBJECTS: Murder of Sir David Amess, Net-Zero Policy.

SCOTT EMERSON, HOST:  Good to have you Milton. Have you been doing the condolence motion for Sir David Amess, sadly, who was murdered during consistency meeting in Britain?

MILTON DICK, MEMBER FOR OXLEY:  I wanted to give a short address to the Parliament on behalf of local residents, but also to recognise that he was a member of Parliament, just going about his business, meeting with local residents and stabbed 17 times.

So I think it's important, given our relationship with the UK and the House of Commons, but I just wanted to pay tribute to his life. He was one of the longest serving MPs in UK, but it also reminds us all that terrorism is all around us, and you know I was bitterly, bitterly devastated, and I know many of the people across the United Kingdom were just in horror that a terrorist attack could happen, yet again, to one of their MPs.

EMERSON:  Yes, look, we know that doing these constituent meetings, I've been to them myself over many years, as you know, but we're so fortunate here in Australia. I know occasionally there are run-ins with some people, but we haven't had those circumstances here, I mean the second MP in five years to die in terrible circumstances.

DICK:  Tragically Joe Cox was only 41 when she was murdered five years ago. Look, I pray and hope that in Australia we never get to that situation. We're blessed in this country to have MPs that are out and about meeting with their voters, and hearing the good, bad and ugly, as it should be.

EMERSON:  Yeah, and that's what it should be, is that, it'd be a terrible situation where MPs are fearful of going out there into the public, going to talk to constituents, because that's really - I think you and I agree on this completely - that probably should be the biggest job we do, talking to our local members and the constituents about what the issues are for them. I hate the situation when - and look, you and I both know there are MPs out here for some strange reason, they don't like people – I have no idea why they are in politics.

DICK:  Of course, they don't hang around too long in my opinion, voters work them out, but you know Scott, I love meeting with my voters, and you get firsthand experience from people. I'm at shopping centres most Saturdays, on a Thursday or Friday, or at a footy game, listening to people, and I've got to be honest 99% of people are really decent. You occasionally get people who are a little angry, that's their right as well, but normally they have their grievances listed and we politely agree to disagree, or I follow up on an issue for them and they move on. So I'm really proud of the fact that in Australia we have a robust exchange, and I wanted to keep it that way, safe and sound for constituents and MPs.

EMERSON:  A lot of the talk obviously this week has been the Prime Minister's announcement that he will be going to Glasgow, but he, at this stage, hasn't got the National Party across the line regarding zero net emissions for 2050. Really, he doesn't really need them to make that announcement, but I want to focus on 2030, because I know that the Labor Party has said that it wants a more ambitious target for the Government to set for 2030, but the Labor Party is so hasn't said what its target will be for 2030 yet.

DICK:  Look, we will be announcing further climate policies, we've already announced a whole heap before the election. We've still got a little way to go but ultimately Scott, our job is to put the pressure on the Government and I have to be honest, this week in Parliament so far, it doesn't look like Parliament, it looks like more like that new TV show Squid Game, where everyone inside the National Party and the Liberal Party are at war with each other, with some kind of Hunger Games where you're seeing complete dysfunction. And I think the cabinet has made that decision I think Scott Morrison, probably knows what he's got to do, and do the right thing by signing up to net zero, but we're seeing this shambolic approach by the National Party who are basically screaming at one another, and screaming to the Government, unable to agree on their own position. And I really think it's time the National Party, got out of the way, that's 8 years, 22 energy policies, and we're still in zero land of no policy when it comes to tackling climate change. But I'm hopeful that finally we'll see some resolution, and the national parties tying themselves in knots but I think the majority of Australians Scott, the majority your listeners are just sick and tired of the politicians talking about this. They actually want to see some action. That said, Labor's policies will be unveiled closer to the election, but we understand that the Government has a job here to sign up to net zero by 2050. We've been leading on this issue, and it's time that Scott Morrison pulled the National Party into line.

EMERSON:  Well, we'll wait and see what happens with the Nationals, also wait to see when Labor does bring out that number for 2030, Milton Dick. Thanks for being on the show, we'll catch you again next week.

DICK:  See you then.